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Kario Environmental Services

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 Lead & Mold Inspection Company

We provide Lead Free & safe Certifications to keep tenants safe and landlords in compliance

Philadelphia has a new ordinance that is the new lead-based paint law that is now in effect and will impact every landlord across the city. As of October 2020, all rental properties built pre-1978 will require a lead-based paint inspection by a certified lead inspector.

providing a level of unmatching expertise since 2018


Lead Dusting Testing
& Lead Free Testing 

Lead dust, according to the EPA & City of Philadelphia, is the number one cause of childhood lead poisoning. Over time the paint starts to crack, chip, peel & flake away, where dust tends to formulate and spread. Children tend to inhale lead dust or put their hands in their mouths to ingest it. 

We serve to detect, help & decrease lead exposure. Offering Philadelphia lead-safe certification and or lead-free Certification. We seek to spread awareness in hopes of reducing lead poisoning. Lead poisoning is 100% preventable.  Philadelphia has recently introduced new laws regarding lead-based paint.  The main objective was to close loopholes that endanger children and increase protection for pregnant women and the general public from lead poisoning. Lead-based paint resides in the majority of homes built before 1978. Exposure to lead paint chips by eating, or playing with the debris can be harmful. Everyone is at risk. The dust during or after construction can resonate in a home if disturbed by renovation. This scenario is a silent trap for new tenants or homeowners moving into a renovated property. 

Mold & Air  Inspections 

Having a detailed mold assessment in your home or business will identify if a problem exists, and the extent of said issue. There are several types of tests that can be taken for many different situations. We are certified, with the highest level of training, to handle any test you may need including, Air Sampling, Surface or Lift Tests, Bulk Testing, Bacterial Swab Analysis and Cultured Samples. We can also identify moisture and relative humidity issues, so that the source of the problem is resolved which will eliminate the chance of future growth, and perform thermal imaging tests to spot hidden and unforeseen issues.

 Mold, often invisible to the naked eye, can silently compromise the air you breathe. Our expert inspectors have the knowledge and cutting-edge tools to uncover even the most concealed mold issues.

Lead Inspection


Lead is a poisonous substance frequently detected in older homes and buildings. Our skilled professionals conduct meticulous inspections, examining various elements of your property to identify potential sources of lead contamination.


We utilize proven methods and advanced technologies to safely remove lead-based paint, dust, and other contaminants, following stringent industry standards and regulations. We will never disappoint you.  


Mold is a living organism and needs to be physically removed to be eliminated and any sources of moisture need to be fixed otherwise the mold will return. Painting over mold, or using ineffective home treatments can cause mold issues to multiply. This happens because once mold spores are disrupted they can scatter into the air causing the mold infestation to spread. Removal does not necessarily mean that costly demolition and tearing out of fixtures will be necessary. 

Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must also be removed

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Serving Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey  & Surrounding counties

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Kario Environmental Services, LLC certified EPA Lead Inspection Company.  We are reliable, affordable, quality and efficient .  We are able to inspect properties in both NJ and PA.  Let us take on your project to ensure your property is in compliance with EPA, HUD and the state lead laws. 


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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

"Daphne displayed a high level of professionalism.  She always returned calls and was always very helpful when we had any questions or concerns.  I would definitely recommend her services!" 
-Rebecca E. 
"I had to renew my rental license and Kario Environmental performed a Lead inspection for my four-unit rental building.  After passing inspection, Kario entered my results into the City of Philadelphia eclipse portal.  All I had to do was go online and pay.  I give a thumbs up.  Excellent services, follow-up services, and great price.  No complaints at all."
- Lenny V. 
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