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Welcome toKario EnvironmentalServices

Your Shield Against Lead & Mold Dangers!

Ensuring Safe Havens and Legal Compliance for Tenants and Landlords!

we are Philadelphia's Premier Lead & Mold Inspection Authority

Since 2018, Kario Environmental Services has been the Go-To Pros for lead and mold Safety, serving Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey and Surrounding counties.  We are your certified partners in ensuring environmental safety through expert lead and mold inspections.


Adhering to EPA, HUD, and regulations, we strive for excellence in safeguarding your residential or commercial spaces.  Trust us for reliable, efficient, and affordable inspections and remediation.

Banishing Lead & Mold for Good!  We don't just identify; we annihilate lead and mold with the latest tech and methods. Trust us to do the job right, adhering to the strictest standards.

More Than Just a Quick Fix! Mold removal isn't about a cover-up; it's about a cure.   We tackle the source, not just the symptoms, to prevent a comeback.  And we do it all with minimal disruption to your space.

Invisible Threats, Visible Solutions!  Mold might be hiding, but we're experts at seeking it out. With our comprehensive mold assessments and state-of-the-art tools, we'll find and fix the root of the problem, ensuring your air stays fresh and safe.

Attention Philly Landlords!

There has been a new lead paint ordinance since October 2020, and it has changed the game!  If your property was built before '78, you must have a certified lead check-up.  Don't get caught off guard!  Stay ahead with Kario's expert inspections.

Detecting the Invisible Enemy!  Lead's lurking in older buildings, but our eagle-eyed inspectors leave no stone unturned.  We'll scour your property for any signs of lead to keep you and your occupants protected.

Lead dust is a sneaky culprit behind childhood lead poisoning. As paint ages, it can create a toxic dust trap. We're on a mission to hunt down lead hazards and certify your property as Lead-Safe or Lead-Free, for a healthier environment!

LICENSED IN THREE STATES.   We know the laws.  We got a wider reach, and can service your multiple properties, even if they’re in a different state.

DUAL EXPERTISE IN LEAD AND MOLD INSPECTIONS.   It's like hitting two birds with one stone!  No need to juggle multiple inspection companies. This saves you time and hassle. 

INSTANT RESULTS.   Time is money!  Immediate results mean immediate action can be taken.  No waiting around for lab reports or follow-up appointments.

what sets us apart

Precision, Speed, and Education in Every Inspection


Our certified team excels in providing superior lead and mold inspections and abatement services, setting a new standard in the industry. With licenses spanning New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York, we offer unparalleled reach and expertise. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures rapid, precise results, allowing for immediate action and peace of mind. At Kario, we believe in not just delivering services but also in educating our clients, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental health risks.

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Say About Us

we want Satisfied Customers

I had to renew my rental license and Kario Environmental performed a Lead inspection for my four-unit rental building. After passing inspection, Kario entered my results into the City of Philadelphia eclipse portal. All I had to do was go online and pay. I give a thumbs up. Excellent services, follow-up services, and great price. No complaints at all.

Lenny V.

average rating is null out of 5

Daphne displayed a high level of professionalism. She always returned calls and was always very helpful when we had any questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend her services!

Rebecca E.

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average rating is null out of 5

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Have you had a remarkable experience with Kario Environmental Services?  Your stories of safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind are the heartbeat of our mission.  Please let us know how we made a difference in your home or business.  We'd love to hear about it! 

Ready for a Safer Environment?

Take the first step towards ensuring your property is lead and mold-free.  With Kario Environmental Services, you're choosing reliability and rapid results.  Click below to request your inspection and join the ranks of our satisfied clients who've taken action for a healthier, safer living space.

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Reach out to us by phone or email and let Kario Environmental Services be your partner in environmental safety.


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