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Finest Home Inspectors In Philadelphia, PA

Kario Environmental Services has the most dependable and competent home inspectors in Philadelphia, PA. Our professionals are adept at evaluating residential and commercial properties for various issues, including mold and Lead Inspection. In addition to examinations, our expertise also includes remediation and damage restoration services. Our inspectors exhaustively inspect dwellings for evidence of mold growth and lead-related issues, paying close attention to the smallest details. In the event of lead or mold intrusion, our inspectors act swiftly to mitigate damage and provide effective remediation advice. We manage mold issues and restore residences to their pre-damage condition by offering effective services. Our finest home inspectors prioritize the householders’ safety, health, and well-being above all else.

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Extensive Expertise

With a wealth of years in the industry, our seasoned experience enables us to deliver top-tier home inspection services. Our mission revolves around safeguarding, educating, and ensuring the awareness of lead hazards among tenants and landlords. Recognizing the profound implications for adults and children, we extend our expertise to residential and commercial property owners seeking rental licenses. Moreover, our services are also available to child daycare centers, underscoring our commitment to promoting safe and healthy environments across diverse settings.

Why Choose Us

Expertise In Mold Detection

Our home inspectors possess specialized knowledge and skills in mold detection, allowing them to identify mold growth and lead within residential properties accurately


Comprehensive Assessments

We conduct thorough inspections, evaluating all home areas for signs of mold and lead, including hidden and hard-to-reach spaces, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the mold situation.

Trustworthy And Reliable

Our home inspectors are known for their trustworthiness and reliability. Clients can rely on our inspectors to deliver honest assessments, accurate findings, and effective solutions for their homes.

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