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Lead Dusting Testing& Lead Free Testing

Ready for a Safer Environment?

Take the first step towards ensuring your property is lead and mold-free.  With Kario Environmental Services, you're choosing reliability and rapid results.  Click below to request your inspection and join the ranks of our satisfied clients who've taken action for a healthier, safer living space.

Have questions or just need more information?

Reach out to us by phone or email and let Kario Environmental Services be your partner in environmental safety.

The Lead Lowdown

The leading cause of childhood lead poisoning as identified by the EPA and City of Philadelphia is lead dust.  Children tend to inhale lead dust or put their hands in their mouths to ingest it. 

Certify & Safeguard

Our advanced screening methods are designed to identify lead presence. We're not just testing; we're teaching and ensuring your space is a lead-free zone.

We make sure renovations don't unleash lead's wrath and ensure that new occupants enter a safe and uncontaminated environment.   

Educate, Eradicate, Elevate!

Lead poisoning is preventable, and we're the educators and protectors.  Compliance isn't just a word; it's our commitment to well-being, safeguarding children, pregnant women, and the broader community from the hazards of lead exposure.

Childhood lead poisoning?

Not on our watch! Kario Environmental Services is on a mission to protect the tiny hands and curious minds across NJ, PA, DE, and NY.

With an eagle- eye on the deterioration of lead-based paints: cracking, chipping, peeling, and flaking, we're the guardians against lead dust spread, especially in pre-1978 homes where lead paint is prevalent.

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